Undergraduate Program

From left: UTeach Dallas students Brea Baygents, Bernadette Charba, Alex Kangethe, Udit Bhatt and Zachary Regetz learn the ins-and-outs of managing a middle school science lab experience.

The SME undergraduate program is the UTEACH Dallas teacher development program.

 UTeach Dallas is devoted to recruiting, developing, and retaining a new generation of secondary mathematics, science, and computer science teachers at UT Dallas. UTeach started in 2008 at UT Dallas thanks to a generous donation from the National Math and Science Initiative. UTeach Dallas has approximately 350 active students each year and is still growing.  UTeach Dallas is proud to have graduated over 200 students with science or mathematics certification to date with approximately 30 new graduates expected each year. We will introduce about 170 new STEM majors to teaching each year, giving them a career option that changes lives.

If you are an undergraduate who wants to teach or a college graduate who wants to return for certification preparation then UTeach Dallas is for you. Click here to learn about our certification preparation program. 

We support our UTeach Dallas graduates out in the teaching field with continued Induction professional development for three years. Many come back even after that!  Some of our UTeach Dallas alumni have gone on to earn their Master’s of Arts in Teaching through our department and are included in the MAT Alumni section. 

Please consider making a gift to support the entire SME department or the UTeach Dallas program specifically.