MAT Advising

We, as well as other faculty members, are always ready to discuss your goals and guide your studies.

We all know that plans and course offerings can change, therefore we strive to provide flexible degree plans that emphasize your areas of interest as well as fill the gaps in your knowledge. We are all here to help you succeed!

Graduate Advisor:

  Name: Contact Information:

Emily Hennessy

Senior Lecturer/
Advisor for Science/Mathematics Education Graduate Program

Emily Hennessy
Senior Lecturer 
FN 3.218B
[email protected]


Step-by-step procedure:

  • Read information about graduate degrees offered in Science and Mathematics Education 
  • Read University Application details and deadlines at Before You Apply
  • Email Mrs. Hennessy for more information if needed.
  • Fill out the online graduate application 
    Note: You do not need to take the GRE for entry into the MAT programs.
  • Request your recommendation letters. These may be completed online.
  • Track the progress of your application by logging back in to your application page.

What to do immediately after you are accepted into our program:

  • Once you have received your letter of acceptance, please contact our graduate advisor (above)  for advising and registration information.
  • Go to Steps After Admission and follow the steps from the Graduate office.
  • Refer to the current course schedule for offerings.

Sample MAT Degree Plans 

Master of Arts in Teaching in Mathematics Education and Science Education  degree plans are varied based on a student’s educational background and career goals. Below are the degree plan templates for each of the graduate programs. 

Master of Arts in Teaching in Mathematics Education


Master of Arts in Teaching in Science Education



We have done our best to answer the most asked questions here: MAT FAQ page.