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UTD TRC Computer Science Workshops 

For Summer Only 

dscn0178 In Spring 2016, the UTD TRC for Excellence in Science Teaching was selected as one of five Collaboratives statewide to design and implement an experimental program for computer science education. Project Director Mary Urquhart asked Master Teacher Amin Lalani to head this initiative. In conjunction with Jey Veerasamy (School of Engineering and Computer Science) and Georgia Stuart, he designed and offered four special opportunities for local math and science teachers: 

• A 3-Day Bootstrap workshop (outside presenters – bootstrapworld.org) for high school mathematics teachers 
• A 5-day Summer Institute in computer science for science and mathematics teachers (Python) 
• A five-day Trainer-of-Trainers Institute based on UTD computer science camps for kids offered building student programming skills in after school clubs or camps with science and mathematics teachers (scratch- Alice- JavaScript) 
• Computer Science Teaching Certification Test Preparation (outside presenter, through weteachcs.org) 


Current Middle and High School Math and Science teachers:

  • Learn how to use Programming to Engage Students
  • Support Your Math & Science TEKS using CS Collaborative Environment
  • Hands-On Programming Experience
  • Online Support through Piazza for Summer Institute
  • Resources to Take Back to Campus/District
  • Learn how to start a CS Camp or Club
  • Tools to prepare for CS State Certification Test When?
  • Summer of 2016 (attend one, or attend all!)
  • See flyer for more details
  • TRC – Computer Science – Online Application Summer Only

The Dallas Morning News covered the 2016 UTD TRC program offerings in Computer Science. See the News page for more.