Physics Camp

Founded in 2003 with their advisor Dr, Mary Urquhart, the Women in Physics at the University of Texas at Dallas has hosted an annual summer camp for middle school and early high school girls from the DFW Metroplex at no cost to participants. The WIP Physics Camp offers a science packed week, with topics that include mechanics, electromagnetism, rockets, optics, astronomy, engineering, planetary science and more!

During camp, students will work together in small teams under the guidance of a UTD Physics student and lead by a veteran camper (Team Leader) to investigate physics with hands-on projects. During the activities, the girls will be given numerous opportunities to use creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork as they explore the wonderful world of physics. Teams will engage in friendly competition to demonstrate how well they have learned to work together in collecting and analyzing data, an important part of any science or engineering career. 

Throughout the camp, members of the Women in Physics, Science and Math Education Department, and Physics Department (all faculty and students at UTD) will serve as course instructors. Campers will also be guided by experienced girls returning as Team Leaders from previous years. A low instructor-to-student ratio ensures personalized attention for each camper.